Buying terms agreement

Everything written here is worded in masculine for convenience only, and applies to both women and men.

The meaning of the word "action" in these regulations is – any action taken to purchase a product or service on the site ..

If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or who needs permission from any third party to take legal action, you declare and confirm that you have obtained the consent of your parents, guardian, or authorized third party.

As stated above to perform an action on the site To perform an action on the site any user who has an e-mail (email), a credit card valid for purchase online, which can be cleared by one of the credit companies operating in Hong Kong legally, and valid on Perform the operation.

Performing an action on the site, including providing credit card information, inquiries and other actions, can also be performed via chat.

Delivery of the Products and / or Services will be made in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions below:

Ordering Products Using the Site Server

The site offers a variety of products for sale. Next to the products for sale is a symbol of "shopping basket".

Clicking on the "shopping basket" after marking the required quantity – puts products in your "shopping basket".

The actual purchase process is done by switching to the shopping cart display by clicking on the title of the basket and / or clicking on the icon of "Shopping basket".

If the products are not in stock, you will be sent an appropriate message via your email, phone or in writing.

In this case, the management of the site reserves the right to submit to you, an offer to purchase an alternative product of a similar nature and price, if any.

If you accept our offer, your order details will be updated. If you decide to decline, your order will be canceled and your credit card will be charged.


The order is fulfilled with the transition to the "checkout" option. You must enter the following information in the appropriate forms:

First and last name, telephone, street, house number, locality, zip code, PO Box (If available) and email address.

If this is your first time ordering products from you can choose a password, and enter it in the space provided on the site.

In the future, when you ask to buy more products from us, you will be identified by your e-mail address and the password you have chosen. These will save you the need to refill your personal details. You just need to make sure that your details, as they appear on the computer screen, are still up to date. If they are not up to date, please repair them so that we can deliver your order.

You can choose not to leave your credit card information on the site and mark in the registration form that a sales representative will get back to you to complete the purchase. We promise to get back to you within 2 business days.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an initial notification of receipt of your order details.

Please write down the order number (or print out the order confirmation page).

Please note: This confirmation does not obligate the site and / or anyone on its behalf to provide the products you have ordered, and it only indicates that your order details have been entered into the system.

Only after the site representative verifies that your credit card (or PayPal payment) is valid and the product is in stock, will you be sent a final confirmation regarding the order.

This confirmation will require us to provide you with the products you have ordered.

Invalid order

In order for us to provide you with the products you have ordered, your order must be received and received by us in a proper and orderly manner, containing all the details required for the delivery of the products and your billing.

Various reasons may cause malfunctions and disruptions in the receipt of your order and processing by the site.

If you receive a message about incorrect content in your order details or a notification about a fault that occurred in the system when you received your order or if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of the order within two days of execution – it is likely that there is a fault. specifying the order number.

If there is a disruption and / or error in the description of the product and / or service, in their image, description, price or in any other detail,

The site management may cancel your purchase and you will not be charged any fee for the canceled order.

If you provide incorrect identification information when ordering, we can not guarantee that the products will reach you.

In the event that the products are returned to us due to incorrect details you provided, you will be charged for shipping and handling fees.

Please be sure to fill in accurate and up-to-date details.

Means of Payment

You can pay via PayPal, or a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies that operate in Hog Kong legally. You will need to enter your card number and details in the space provided.

If you do not wish to do this via the Internet, you can complete the submission of this information by phone.

Only after the credit card company's approval (or PayPal's approval) for the purchase you made using your card, will we process your order and ship the products to you as specified in the order.


The personal details provided when ordering, as well as the details of future purchases, will be stored in the site's database (except for credit card information), solely to complete the purchase operations you have made. Although you are not required by law to provide us with your personal details, we will not be able to process your order if we do not receive it.

If you provide incorrect details when placing your order, we can not guarantee that the products will reach you.

In the event that the products are returned to us due to incorrect details you provided, you will be charged for handling and shipping fees.

Please be sure to fill in accurate and up-to-date details. will not pass on your personal information to other parties. By registering and / or purchasing on the website, you hereby express your consent to receive e-mail, written or oral inquiries regarding any information regarding promotions, innovations, advertisements from selected commercial entities, etc.

If you do not want us to contact you as stated above, you will need to indicate this in the space provided by e-mail in the first publication you receive and we will deduct you from the mailing list.

Delivery Date

I bought online undertakes to deliver the products you ordered as quickly as possible and within 18 business days from the date of your order (business days are considered Sundays-Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves, holidays, and November).

At the same time, we do our best to get ahead of the delivery time – and in most cases we will succeed.

The products will be delivered to a collection point near your home or to the address you provided to us during the purchase process, unless otherwise stated and not directly to your home.

If you have ordered to a business address (company), please indicate the company name next to the customer's name and the customer's personal phone number.

The site management devotes resources and takes strict measures to prevent intrusion into the site and to prevent possible invasion of users' privacy.

However, disruptions cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, you hereby declare that you will not have any claim, demand and / or claim against and / or anyone on its behalf due to such injuries, malfunctions and / or disruptions.

If you indicated in the registration form on the website that a sales representative will get back to you to complete the purchase, the delivery time will be calculated only from the moment the relevant details are clarified by the order center and the transaction is approved by the credit company.

If you do not leave your credit card details or do not transfer payment via PayPal or bank transfer, the site management and / or anyone on their behalf will not bear any responsibility for delays in product delivery as a result of uncontrolled events, such as strikes or downtime, computer or telephone system malfunctions And / or communication systems, malfunctions in the e-mail service, the Israel Postal Service, hostilities and / or the forces of nature (earthquake, weather, etc.).

Prices and Payments

All prices listed on the website include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Your billing will be done using the credit card you provided, at the price listed next to the products you ordered, plus shipping and handling fees. The site may change product prices and handling and shipping fees from time to time. The price valid in relation to the order you placed is the price that will be published on the website when you complete the order process.

Product Cancellation and Return Policy

You may return the products you purchased on the site within 14 days of receipt, when they are packed in their original packaging and / or are in the same condition as when you received them.

The products must reach the address given to you by the service representative and after confirmation of return with the invoice you received and written notice of their return. To return the products you must send them by registered mail to an address in Hong Kong that will be approved by a representative of the website

After returning the products you will be credited with the price you paid for them (excluding shipping).

The site may decide not to receive the product back, after it has been inspected by a body on behalf of the site and it is found that the product has been used and is not in new condition, the receipt of the product back will not be approved.

In case the product you received was not in order at the time of receipt, please send an email with the order number and photos and we will make sure to replace it with the correct product after inspection and confirmation.

Product Warranty

Warranty for product integrity is valid from the moment the product is received by the customer until 14 days of receipt.

A product that broke down during the warranty period will be replaced with a new one in accordance with the company's approval.

The customer's duty is to check the integrity of the product upon receipt and to notify our company within 48 hours of any defect discovered in the product. If the customer does not report a defect he found in the product, this will show the customer's complete satisfaction and the integrity of the product.

The site and / or those on its behalf do not manufacture the products, and are not responsible for the quality of the products. The products on the site are displayed in good faith. If you have purchased defective products, you have the right to replace or return them and get your money back, as specified in these Terms of Use.

The responsibility for the products, their supply, their quality, and their quality, applies to what I bought online in Hong Kong. And in accordance with the conditions appearing on the warranty certificate. I bought online and assumed all the obligations imposed on a "dealer" under the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 and regulations issued under it. Under no circumstances will the site and / or anyone on its behalf be liable for any direct, indirect damages, punitive damages, incidental, special or consequential damages, and / or any other damages of any kind and kind, including, and without prejudice to the generality of the above, damages For loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits, arising from or related in any way to the use or performance of the site and / or the products sold, due to delay in use or inability to use the product, their supply or non-delivery of products or any information, software, product, service And ancillary graphics obtained through the site, and / or arising in any other way from the use of the site, whether based on an agreement or damages, whether under absolute liability, and / or any other cause, even if the site management and / or anyone on their behalf learned of the possibility of damages As stated.

If you are not satisfied with any part of the Site or any of the terms of these Terms and Conditions, please let us know and we will carefully review your application. The site and / or anyone on its behalf will not be held responsible for any unauthorized use, abuse, unlawful use and / or fraudulent use made by a third party of the credit card you used to perform an action on the site. The site and / or anyone on its behalf will not be held responsible for any unauthorized use of any device purchased on the site and / or in the store, misuse, unlawful use and / or fraudulent use made by a customer and / or a third party, including wiretapping and Or recordings are prohibited, the responsibility for the use rests solely with the purchaser and / or the user of the product. The service on the site can be used as is ("AS IS"). You will not have any claim, claim and / or demand towards the site and / or anyone on its behalf regarding the service's features, capabilities, limitations or its suitability for your needs and requirements.

The site undertakes to make efforts for the customer's satisfaction and secure the site and the level of service on it but does not guarantee that the service on the site will not be interrupted, will be provided without interruption, will take place safely and without errors, and / or will be unauthorized access to the site's computers. Damages, breakdowns, malfunctions – including malfunctions in the hardware, software or communication lines to the site – by the subcontractors, and / or anyone on their behalf.

Law & Judgment

The law applicable to your order and these Terms and Conditions is Hong Kong law only.

The exclusive jurisdiction for any matter and dispute is vested in the Hong Kong courts.

Questions and Inquiries

For inquiries and questions during the purchase or after the purchase, you can contact the site's reservation center, during business hours: weekdays 09:30 – 18:30 Fridays and holidays 09: 00– 14:00.

By email: